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Hair Extensions By Erica

I am a fully qualified hair dresser, I have been in the industry for 17 years. I am ABT Accredited and fully insured.

I am confident that I can deliver a second to non installation service, which has far surpassed industry standards not to mention outstanding post application support.

All of the hair I supply is 100% Remy human hair sourced directly from the temples.


About the hair

Balmain - Balmain is 100 % human hair. It is sourced in South East Asia. Balmain strive to keep the hair business fair and ethical. The hair is processed by the factories in Asia to achieve the product required for our wigs and extensions. The extensions come in two different lengths 25cm and 40cm and have wide range of colour.

The hair is soft silky and easy to mange. The quality is beautiful. Balmain can be worn for up to 2/3 months depending on the individuals hair growth. After this period the extensions are taken out. This gives the scalp and hair time to rest. Fresh new hair can be re fitted within 3 weeks if required.

About the system

Hair extensions are used for many reasons. Length volume and colour can be created.

Balmain system volume is the FASTEST way to add hair. Five bonds are applied in just 40 seconds. Allowing a full head to be achieved in under 2 hours. This system is five times faster than traditional bonding methods.

Balmain system volume is fast, lightweight, discreet and very comfortable. If you want a fast service this system is the one for you.

About the maintenance

Maintenance appointments are compulsory to ensure the hair extensions remain in good condition. This service plays a crucial part in the condition of your natural hair.

Although Balmain is very low maintenance this is still important. The bonds may need separating and the loose hair may need trimming away. Your hair can shed up to 100 single strands per day this may gather round the extension causing matting at a later stage.

Balmain maintenance includes a wash treatment and blow dry.


About the hair

The hair is sourced ethically and is 100% Remy human hair. Cuticle lined grade A.

This collection is the highest quality of human hair extensions on the market. The hair is chemically treated in a very slow process this maintains its original condition. The hair is not mixed with different fibres and strings . The estimated life span of 4-9 months for all standard colours. The ombré and fancy mix colours might not last as long because they have been processed more times to achieve their final shade. Life span is 3-6 months.

Many customers get much longer than the estimated life spans I have provided but every bundle is different due to the hair coming from different donors each time.

The hair is effortless easy to manage long lasting and comes a wide range of colour and lengths.

About the method

Micro ring hair extensions

No heat or glue is used in the installation of Micro rings.

The I tip is clamped onto the hair strand by strand using a small silicone lined tube. A Patch test is required. These tubes are flat, light weight and discreet and come in many colours.

Micro ring hair extensions can be worn for up to 1 year depending on the individual following the post application care. This method is very cost effective as the hair is re useable. This is a very popular technique whilst remaining affordable.

The maintenance

Maintenance appointments are compulsory to ensure the hair extensions remain in good condition. This service plays a crucial part in the condition of your natural hair.

Micro ring extensions are easy to mange but require regular maintenance appointments this is once every 4weeks. You may lose a few rings. This is normal and can be replaced at the maintenance. Micro ring clients will NEED to wash and dry there own hair prior to this appointment. The hair needs to be clean. To prevent slipping of the bonds. If the hair is oily or coated in product this service can not be carried out. Failure to do this will result in your appointment will being cancelled and you will still be charged 50% of the appointment time.

Your first maintenance is FREE of charge. This is a tightening service and is done at 4 weekly intervals.

After care - applies to both methods !!!!! Top tips

  • Do not wash hair for 48 after application / leave the bonds to settle
  • Hair must be wash 2/3 per weeks
  • Sulphate free shampoo
  • Deep conditioner
  • Soft brush on the bonds / do not comb the bonds
  • Detangle from mid length / never tug or pull at the bonds
  • Detangle before washing / condition ends only / do not put conditioner on the bonds or your roots
  • Always wash in the shower / never over the bath or in the bath
  • Tie or plait extension low whilst sleeping
  • Never back comb your bond area
  • Never colour your extensions (ask me for advice about colour)
  • Dry on a medium heat / too hot and the bonds will melt
  • Never straighten or curly close to the bonds


Call 0113 230 2537 and ask for Erica to book your appointment. Prices start from £165.

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